Wanderlust Child

IMG_0313.JPGHave you ever experienced a constant state of Wanderlust ? I know I have. For those who don’t know, it almost means the need to travel to places or the need to be away. Just the thought of being in a different, beautiful place at a particular time can distract me for HOURS. Just thinking, looking up pictures and making up scenarios about the place in my head. I have travelled so much that now being in one place or city for a long time can bore me to no end. Having changed 5 schools, travelled to 4 countries and oh-so-many places in India itself by the age of 18, I need a travel holiday every few months or I slowly start shutting down-passiveness, loss of interest in absolutely everything, etc. Heavy on my parents’ pockets, but my mom is an avid traveller too, so I just tag along.

When you love something so much, you tend to associate it with an escape, mine is literally an escape, but you get the point. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a silver lining. One incident which I will never forget was when I was leaving for boarding school (my decision) and was wailing like it’s the Apocalypse, my dad said to me, “Think of it as a long trekking trip, an adventure. You got tired fast initially but then you caught up soon enough.” I’ve always used that as an incentive to get through a semester of college and exams, looking forward to the holidays.

The sound of airline/ railway announcements can sometimes unexpectedly reduce me to tears or just seeing an image of a place I’ve been to can induce day-long day-dreaming. Being something between an extrovert and introvert (more inclined towards the latter), I usually don’t like interacting with strangers until it has a purpose, so meeting new people isn’t one of the things I look forward to. But to just sit and observe the people walk around and do their things in their own environment is somewhat comforting. I remember travelling all of Berlin alone and sometimes just slowing down, sitting on a bench on the street and watching people. Watching them carry out their errands, some chatting animatedly, some silent, some sitting on a bench across the street and doing the same thing I’m doing. Although there is no conversation, when you catch a stranger’s eye who too, is carrying a heavy-a** camera around her/his neck, you can’t help but smile. Because that’s what I do. And that’s what she/he does. You suddenly realize there are people out there in the world who are as crazy as you, sometimes even crazier. I want to sit on a bench and observe all those people. Maybe I’ll find someone observing me too and I’ll find a pen pal.


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